Everyone moves for different reasons, and it can take awhile to make your new residence a home. We train
our crews to be friendly and professional and to go the extra distance to ensure your satisfaction.
We believe in treating others the way that we want to be treated, and in a profession which can often be exhausting during our busy season of summer and our lack of work from the hibernation of winter, we still do our very best to make each move a good experience for you.
premium moving and corporate relocation with full packing and temperature controlled professional storage for davenport, iowa city, muscatine, clinton, cedar rapids, burlington, bettendorf, eldridge, dubuque, quad cities, bluegrass, geneseo, moline, rock island, east moline, milan, coal valley, le claire

Hawkeye Movers has stood by its reputation and customers for 3 generations

 A common response at Hawkeye Movers if you get the boss on the phone and ask him how he is. He gives an honest answer. Persevering. This business has a crazy busy season in the summer and a slow season during the rest of the year. Being the owner of such a high stress business for so many years , led me as his son, to ask his candid, unedited, opinion.

Charles Vanderhart responds below.

Why do I respond "persevering." to the question "How are you doing?" It has brought reaction from silence to laughter to agreement etc. I guess my response is a tongue in cheek response because I can't bring my self to respond with the generic "Fine." and because I'm often not sure that would be a true response.

I guess my response "Persevering" is just an acknowledgement that 1: I haven't finished, 2: I haven't given up. 3: I'm still trying to accomplish something, and 4: God tells us to persevere.

So, even when I am temporarily too weary and discouraged to continue, I know as I lay down having told the whole world I have given up; that the sun will rise in the morning, or the phone will ring, and I will hide my emotions with a cheerful "Good afternoon, Hawkeye Movers Atlas. How may I help you?" and I will again rise with optimism that the world can still be conquered, and I will persevere to do my part in that conquest.