Each move is handled by our understanding team of moving professionals. Our office is personal.
All of our drivers and customers are names to us, not numbers.
No matter how much we have grown over the years,
We handle each job with individual care.

We take pride in our work. And our work is moving you home. We specialize in finding the most
appropriate solution to your individual needs.
We are a family-owned moving company based in the Quad Cities. Established in 1982, in the
farmlands of the Midwest, our business continues to grow. We have our feet firmly planted
on the ground, while our wheels roll down the
road to tomorrow.
Our family business was started before we
adopted the name Hawkeye Movers.

VanderHart Transfer, the small business owned and operated by Godert VanderHart, struggled to endure hard times. Yet the spirit of quality care lived on in Godert's son, Charles.

Charles VanderHart learned from his experiences at various moving companies. He noticed a need for a quality Quad City mover, so he opened the doors of Hawkeye Movers in 1982.

Aaron VanderHart has now stepped forward (the oldest of eight of Charles VanderHart's children who have all worked their way through college at
Hawkeye Movers) to manage Hawkeye Movers and look towards the future when his child, Caxton VanderHart, will continue the business.

premium moving and corporate relocation with full packing and temperature controlled professional storage for davenport, iowa city, muscatine, clinton, cedar rapids, burlington, bettendorf, eldridge, dubuque, quad cities, bluegrass, geneseo, moline, rock island, east moline, milan, coal valley, le claire

As a mover in the quad cities, we have specialized in giving a family touch in our moving business. Family is honest, movers have to be trustworthy to come into your home. We relocated to Davenport, Iowa over 30 years ago and our family of movers was small. Over the years, as we grew and became a trusted mover in Bettendorf, Leclaire, Bluegrass, and other Iowa small towns. Each move was done with pride and care and our reputation as a family mover who cares for what you value, helped us to relocate corporate clients and also moving services on a budget.
Moving with a family business provides the comfort of knowing that you are in the hands of relocation professionals who care. Our movers aren’t just employees, they are the representatives of our company, and we take good care to show each other the respect that we show to our customers.
You expect the best from your movers and we work to take care of your moving needs to all of your specifications. Our team of professional movers can bring your items to your new home or to storage while you build a new home.
Most people can share the feeling to say, “I hate moving”. and if you feel like move is a four letter word, the let our family handle your move from start to finish. We take pride in providing a full service move so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

Collectively the amount of experience shared in our family moving business, expands to military moves, international moves, long distance moving, office moving, as well as donating our work to supprt our community in the quad cities. Our experience as movers in the quad cities, has been to donate our moving services to the patriotic memorial on Hero Street USA in East Moline, Illinois, as well as taking loads of supplies to New York city relief from Hurricane Sandy, that had been collected by the children of the schools of the quad cities. Hawkeye Movers has long been a supporter of arts and education in the midwest. Chuck VanderHart volunteered his experience from being an entrepreneur in iowa to directing plays and building set for the drama club both for Covenant college and with Sycamore Christian School. Giving the youth individual attention in creating valuable work experience and a family first view of bringing up the community. Aaron VanderHart has spent years investing in the education of a poor neighboorhood in the inner city of chicago. He built an art community to teach the youth a positive direction as a way to reinvest from moving people to new homes. This art center donated space to an after school program in a neighboorhood that struggled in the big city.