Packing isnt simply filling boxes up before a move. Professional packing involves
separating items to prevent damage in transportation. Liquids cannot be packed with any other items that could be damaged by an accidental spill. Our professional moving crews often confine liquids to a single box and make sure that each lid is closed and properly secured. We mark any liquids to keep wet items together
Empty boxes are daunting. Where to begin. Some corporations will provide a full service packing of all items in your home. Some
customers have found that it is not worth the savings to pack any of the items themselves. If you have a desire to accomplish some of your packing. Hawkeye Movers packing
professionals are available for questions or to perform a full service pack job.
Dishpack...triple corrugated large box. Used to pack fragile items like dishes, small pictures, sculptures, lamps.
1.5 carton...small box. Used to pack small, heavy and unbreakable items like books, files, and tools. It's the perfect width for records. Make sure you fill all the way to the top to prevent crush
ing of the carton.
3.1 carton... medium sized box. Good for clothes, shoes, toys, and unbreakable kitchen items. This is a good size for lampshades which MUST be packed. Can also be used for decor items like dried flower arrangements.
4.5 carton...large box. Used for linens, bedding, pillows and large unbreakable items that cannot fit in a 3.1 carton.
Wardrobe carton... Used for hanging clothes.
Mirror carton...a customizable flat box. Four pieces slide together for a custom fit for all your large artwork, pictures and mirrors. Edges should have additional cushioning if there is no surrounding frame.
premium moving and corporate relocation with full packing and temperature controlled professional storage for davenport, iowa city, muscatine, clinton, cedar rapids, burlington, bettendorf, eldridge, dubuque, quad cities, bluegrass, geneseo, moline, rock island, east moline, milan, coal valley, le claire
if you are packing yourself for a move, Use boxes, Small ones for books, larger ones for clothes. Duffel bag is fine, but dont use garbage bags to pack your items in.. And you can get a bag of clothes mixed up with a bag of garbage. Wrap jewellery in tissue paper, one piece in each sheet, then put it in a box. Wrap glass makeup bottles inpacking paper, one or two bottles per sheet, then put them in a box, placing them so they can't move. If the box isn't full, pack extra newspaper in it. Or a towel. You don't use duct tape for boxes, it is more costly. You use packing tape, clear or brown. Lampshades and glass are items that are sometimes neglected if someone is packing themselves. make sure to pack these properly before they are loaded onto the moving van. Certain moves may qualify upon the salesman's judgement to recieve free used boxes to assist them in packing if certain stipulations are aplicable. We also provide new boxes at a competetive rate if you are moving with Hawkeye Movers Atlas.
Hawkeye Movers will take the time to walk through your home and inspect all of the items to be transported. We pack tight full boxes to ensure that you receive your money's worth. All fragile items are carefully wrapped and packed to your ultimate satisfaction. We recycle boxes whenever possible, and sometimes when we have leftover used boxes, and bibles which have been donated, we can pack those books for shipping to someone who might need them. Hawkeye Movers is not limited to only packing household goods. We have packing experience with office, library, hospital, and numerous other commercial moves.We also handle specialty moves, whether your concern is high priced art or severe personal allergies; We will take the time to customize the move to your individual needs. We encourage professional packing to reduce stress during the moving process, and to eliminate breaking of treasured collectibles. If you do decide to pack yourself how ever we are available to personally give you advice to prevent damage during the packing and move.
Atlas is among the world's most trusted and experienced antique movers. We treat every item with the finest professional care. But moving art, antiques, and collectibles takes extra care. And no one understands that better than your Atlas Professional Van Operator and crew. They know just how your valuable items should be packed, handled, and transported. They are skilled in best practices to make sure your precious items arrive safely in your new home.
Before you move, your Atlas Account Representative will come to your home and survey your belongings. Point out things that may need special attention, such as fragile porcelains, family heirlooms, and valuable antiques. Whatever the item, your Atlas antique movers know which packing materials and methods work best. Your Atlas Account Representative will schedule a time for packing that fits your move schedule. The more breakables you have, the more you should rely on the packing expertise of Atlas.
Important packing preparations you can perform.
If you wish to pack items yourself, use the same, professional-grade materials Atlas uses. Your Atlas Account Representative can supply these at affordable prices.
  • double- and triple-walled cartons
  • stretch wrap and cushioning wrap
  • packing tape
  • fine tissue and Kraft paper
  • carton labels (Do Not Load; Load Last/Unload First; Do Not Pack; Parts Box; Fragile)
Contact your local Atlas Agent today!They can help answer additional questions about
moving your antiques and collectibles.