Home is important, not only to you, but to our family of movers. Home is a place of comfort and inspiration. Home is a place to create and build together. Not only does home describe the building, but the surrounding area. Our neighbors are a part of our home. They are a factor in our lives, and as we move you to your new home. Hawkeye Movers is always thinking about the role that we play in the the large home that we travel across, from one side of the country to the next. A responsible mover realizes that the job isn’t finished just because the load and unload has been accomplished. Even when we have satisfied the customer, we must work to maintain our vehicles, our log books, our relationships with the people that we love, as well as the strangers that we pass by.Atlas promotes a no stranger in your home policy. All of Hawkeye Moversemployees are prescreened. How we treat a stranger is a representation of our image. Hawkeye Movers takes pride in our work, in our selves, and in our relocation services. premium moving and corporate relocation with full packing and temperature controlled professional storage for davenport, iowa city, muscatine, clinton, cedar rapids, burlington, bettendorf, eldridge, dubuque, quad cities, bluegrass, geneseo, moline, rock island, east moline, milan, coal valley, le claire. We consistently recycle our packing material to reduce our carbon foot print by sending our used cardboard that has lost its use to be recycled. We are constantly improving our efforts as a green mover to recycle our packing material. We also give free used packing boxes in some situations in order to reduce the cost of packing. We always work to help keep moving affordable when you move with Hawkeye Movers. Sensory involves an awareness about our surroundings. This means safe driving, as well as being aware of a narrow doorway while walking backwards with a dresser. In order to prevent accidents while moving, we keep our furniture padded while it goes into your new home, as well as when it leaves the home that has housed the memories of the past. as we brave into the future to view the potential. without the req uired maintenance,. the judgement of a lack of
forethought is iminent..... the process of selectivity is important in the decisions of what should be kept and what should go. How do you choose the items which are the most important to your family.
The crucial selling points of a home are the bathroom, kitchen, entryway, the bedrooms are where you can retreat from the exhaustion of the work load. We take our role as an environmentally friendly mover very seriously because we believe in the future of our family and in the world that we pass down to our children. To ensure this we:Reuse and recycle cardboard and other packing materials Dispatch fully loaded trucks - we reduce the number of trips with empty trucks Properly maintain our trucks to reduce emissions and ensure optimal fuel efficiency.